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Do you want to get out and camp?
You don't have to rough it with a backpack tent. We know what you're saying! That's why we love Luxury Tents. A luxury tent that will fit in all the luxuries of a hotel or lodge while staying close to nature. Stay cozy and comfy while exploring the outdoors, keeping eco-friendly in mind at all times.
Whether you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue, need a place for your family reunion, or just want some time away from home - our tents can be made to any size! Our tents are perfect for any occasion where people want to be outside but still enjoy the comfort of their own space. And they come with everything included so there is no hassle on your end when building your  Luxury Tent! So go ahead and explore our site today - we're confident that one of these luxurious tents will suit your needs perfectly!

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We are experienced and specilise in Luxury Tent design supplying and assisting with on-site assembling if needed. We have helping with tent houses right up to complete lagoon tented lodges.

Luxury Tent business model

"Luxury Tents is a new business model that has been built on the belief that there are people who want to enjoy all the benefits of luxury in an outdoor environment. It's not just about having a roof over your head, but also about being pampered and well looked after while you're outside." 

Lately, more and more people have started looking for alternative ways to spend their leisure time with family or friends. While many of them choose to go camping, some would prefer staying at home with amenities like electricity, running water etc., which makes it impossible for them to camp outdoors; this is where Luxury Tents (Tent Houses)come and provide the best of both worlds.
That is why we love Luxury Tents. A luxury tent that will fit in all the Luxury you can expect from a hotel or lodge. Stay cozy and comfy while close to nature. Keep Eco-friendly in these home away from home canvas tents.

Luxury tents offer you the chance to get up close and personal with nature

We are pleased to announce that our new range of luxury tents has arrived. This unique design provides a luxurious option for those looking for something different. These bespoke tents are practical and beautiful, offering high-end accommodation in an eco-friendly home. The investment can be used as your own private space or an Airbnb rental for guests visiting your city.

LUXURY TENTS are more than just canvas tents - it's about providing a space where visitors can enjoy themselves whilst still being close to nature. Our spacious layouts have been carefully designed so that they provide all the comforts of home, but also include things like outdoor patios and entertainment areas.

Why buy a Luxury tent from us?

When you are looking for a luxury tent, it can be hard to find the right one. We understand that and we want to help you make the best decision for your needs. Our tents are made with 550 GSM rip-stop canvas which is anti-microbial and UV resistant so you know that your family will be safe inside our products. You deserve nothing but the best quality when it comes to safety, comfort, and durability. With 15 years of experience in this industry, we have learned what customers need most in their tents. We take pride in our workmanship as well because we only use top materials that last through time!
We love to build relationships first then we design and build luxury tents. We will look at any location and help along the way.

Luxury tents

You will love your experience in one of our luxury tents. We have included bug free and waterproof qualities, as well as great views and quality finishes. Every tent is different but all are luxurious, so come find the right one for you!
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